Universal Remote: For the person who has everything, but doesn’t know how to use it all

Do you have someone on your holiday list who has all the latest audio visual streaming and surround sound systems, and still uses all the remotes that go with each one?  Or maybe you know someone who doesn’t even use what they have because they don’t know how to work it all?  When your mom comes to visit, does it make you crazy that you have to turn on the TV for her? At Palm Desert Rangel Electric, we have the answer in a single holiday gi... Read more

How to Create Ambiance with Outdoor Heating and Lighting Design

We are so fortunate in our Coachella Valley to have sunshine year round and especially beautiful days in the winter. But for true desert dwellers, we tend to come inside once it gets dark and the temperature dips below 65 degrees. Yet, it’s generally still crisp and clear outside with few clouds or rain. How can we extend the season and really take advantage of our beautiful desert climate? Professional outdoor lighting design and heater in... Read more

Why Choose LED Lighting for Lighting Design?

We don’t always think of lighting as technology, but LED light bulb technology is changing the choices we have for lighting design – and it’s an improvement both for the environment and for the design possibilities. At Palm Desert Rangel Electric, we have extensive experience with interior and exterior lighting design and have easily adapted our plans to include LED lighting for lighting design. And, although the change has been... Read more

4 Audio Visual Technologies to Make Your Home Smarter

Do you still have multiple remotes lying around…for the TV, DVD player, satellite or cable? Do you know how to download Netflix on your computer, but wish you could watch it on your big screen TV instead? Do you want to be able to control your systems while on the road? Home theater technology is making all of these possibilities easier than ever. Following are four audio visual solutions that can help make your home smarter.

Increase Your Home Value with a Home Theater

The number one reason to install a home theater, of course, is for your own use and enjoyment. However, because you can certainly spend just about any amount of money to create a simple TV corner to the ultimate dream media room, it’s important to consider whether this financial commitment can be an investment and potentially increase the value of your home.