Convenience and Energy Efficiency Combine in Smart Panels for Your Home

Are you ready to take your home to the next level…in control, convenience, seamless integration, and even energy efficiency?  You can customize the control of comfort features throughout your home with the installation of a smart panel. At Rangel Electric, we are a certified dealer and installer for Lutron smart panel systems and our professionals will help you custom design your smart panel to fit your home and lifestyle.

Recessed Lighting Design

Lighting can make an immediate difference in your home’s ambiance, and good lighting is essential for areas where tasks are performed or you want to highlight something specific. Recessed lighting is a great choice when direct lighting is needed and you don’t have a lot of space or you prefer an especially clean look.  At Palm Desert Rangel Electric, we are experts at installing recessed lighting and can help you determine the best lighting ... Read more

How Much Does a Home Theater Cost

It’s exciting to begin planning a home theater, and the media space of your dreams can escalate pretty quickly.   The range of what is available, from audio visual components to design style, is endless, so your home theater cost is somewhat endless as well.  The best way to manage your dream is to evaluate what you really need and how you will use your home theater, in addition to what is your realistic budget and work from there. Wheth... Read more