Recessed lighting offers a modern and clean look for just about any room or application in your home or office. The lights are installed above the ceiling, so you don’t see any fixture giving your space a clean, slick and modern feel. Recessed lighting is a perfect solution for low ceilings. Rangel Electric offers a wide range of styles and types of lighting solutions, including low voltage, fluorescent, LED and others. We offer a complete solution for all your lighting and electrical needs including:

  • Lighting Design Plans
  • Fixture Installation
  • Sales
  • Permit Assistance
  • Inspections and Dimmer
  • Light Switch Installation

Wiring can be a taunting and complicated task. Rangel Electric is your perfect solution for installing that new light switch, chandelier or fixing any electrical problem. We have years of experience in new construction as well as remodels. Our friendly staff is always courteous, on time, professional and ensures to leave the job site cleaner than when we begin.

Great lighting can compliment and accentuate your living space to become part of your interior design. Rangel Electric offers great affordable solutions to help turn your house into your home. Lighting has become an essential tool to create ambiance and beauty. Rangel Electric has vast experience in creating and designing lighting solutions for all types of rooms and homes. Accent your space with Rangel Electric today.

It all starts with planing. Rangel electric will consult with you to come up with the best and most cost effective solutions to get the projects you need done efficiently and within budget. Rangel can move, or install new outlets, switches, circuits and fixtures for any room in your home or even outside.

Electrical Panel Upgrades are often overlooked when remodeling. Many homes have had the same electrical wiring since they were built, operating with insufficient electrical support to withstand the demand of modern living. Consumer electronics have increased the demand of the home's electrical needs which means higher energy consumption that can cause unstable electrical systems. Some warning signs that you may need to upgrade your electrical panel include:

  • Lights Flicker
  • Cracking Sound from Panel Box
  • Electrical Service Conductors Overheating
  • Circuit Breaker Trips
  • Blown Fuses (Regularly)
  • Need to Use Multiple Extension Cords